Your stay to lose weight

Your stay to lose weight

At Palazzo Fiuggi, it is possible to spend weight loss holidays in a charming setting with many ad hoc services.

The 5-star hotel welcomes its guests in the heart of Lazio, offering elegantly furnished, exclusive and comfortable luxury rooms and suites.

Characterized by a strong natural light, they overlook the park, the historic center or the swimming pool. The 5 types of suites and 2 types of rooms are tastefully decorated in a contemporary style that enhances the Art Nouveau style of the building.

Each room is decorated with objets d’art and equipped with many modern amenities.

Alongside the comforts of the hotel, Palazzo Fiuggi offers highly professional services dedicated to personal well-being.

There is a real weight-loss clinic in the building, one of the most renowned in Lazio, which will define totally personalised programmes for each individual.

Diet and lifestyle changes will be defined that can radically and lastingly transform your body by adopting much healthier routines.

This is all thanks to a modern approach that also uses the latest tools. Such as Dynostics, a holistic performance and metabolic analysis system, which allows the team to determine a subject’s fitness level within minutes based on respiratory gases.


Stays to lose weight in Fiuggi


During the stay, a personalised programme will be defined which will focus on weight loss, size and ideal shape.

Experts will explain which small changes in the daily routine will have great beneficial effects on the body but also on the mind.

The programme includes detox hydrotherapy sessions, cryotherapy, slimming treatments, massage, exercise and long-term weight control strategies.

But there are also personalised menus prepared by the 3-Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck using organic and biodynamic products, many of which are 0 km.


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