Medical Spa in Lazio

Medical Spa in Lazio

Palazzo Fiuggi completes its offer with a medical Spa among the most renowned in Italy. 6000 square meters full of services, welcoming and finished with fine materials such as stone and marble.

A place where you can regenerate through treatments, personalized programs and the use of Fiuggi’s waters.

The wellness center features three swimming pools, thalassotherapy baths with mineral salts and thermal suite with sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool and color therapy shower.

During your stay at Palazzo Fiuggi you can benefit from the Spa and its 3 swimming pools.

The structure has an indoor swimming pool connected to a heated outdoor pool (with view of the city of Fiuggi) through a panoramic tunnel overlooking the park.

The main pool dates back to 1936, when the building was the only facility in Europe to have an outdoor pool.

The Thalasso pool is a relaxing marine environment where you can experience healing treatments with sand, seaweed, sea minerals, mud.


The new medical Spa in Italy has opened in Fiuggi


Many and customizable Spa programs are available for guests:

  • Psammo Therapy: relieves muscle and joint pain inducing total relaxation. It is carried out on a bed that supports the body to allow the dry heat of the natural quartz sand to release its beneficial effects;
  • FIR ray detox: a combination of far-infrared rays and plasma light therapy to stimulate metabolism and purify the body while promoting skin rejuvenation;
  • Salt water pool and Dead Sea mineral mud: relieves joint inflammation, reduces inflammatory arthritis, remineralizes skin and body. All this is achieved through a ritual that includes bathing in the pool with salty Fiuggi water, purifying pack with Dead Sea mineral mud, Scottish shower and hydrotherapy bath;
  • Quartz Vibra Sound Healing: fights stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and sleep disorders through the vibrations emitted by natural quartz;
  • Vibra Sound Healing: an integrated treatment using bell vibrations, binaural and monaural frequencies, guided meditation and color therapy. It works on the body, energy flow and mental state;
  • Yoga and Fitness: different yoga and pilates styles to induce relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level.


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