Your Remise en Forme in Italy, in Lazio

Your Remise en Forme in Italy, in Lazio

At Palazzo Fiuggi it is possible to spend a real remise en forme holiday in Italy because it offers ad hoc paths and programs.

An experienced and professional team will work on fitness, personalized diet, relaxation techniques and specific treatments. A combination of aspects that allow you to recover the best psycho-physical condition by discharging the toxins accumulated over the course of the days.

Palazzo Fiuggi is a true benchmark in the sector because it adopts a science-based approach and a state-of-the-art in-house research centre, capable of developing protocols on water, food, nutraceuticals and genetics.

The rooms and suites of the 5-star Palazzo Fiuggi make it possible to stay in the hotel and therefore also choose programs for a week of remise en forme to be spent in the heart of Italy, near Frosinone.

Seven days starting with medical and holistic tests to determine the state of psycho-physical and spiritual health and the starting point for setting and evaluating individual goals.

This first phase includes medical, genetic, epigenetic, hormonal, microbiota and metabolic tests.


Remise en Forme – Week in Italy


The remise en forme process can be defined through specific programs and treatments.

As in the case of the detoxification program, based on scientific research and featuring personalized therapies, therapeutic effects of Fiuggi’s water and the cuisine of Palazzo Fiuggi.

Slimming schemes allow you to reduce your body weight, change your diet and daily lifestyle, abandon old habits and adopt new, healthier routines.

Longevity and beauty programmes aim to combat the inner and outer signs of ageing with a holistic approach. Specialist tests, beauty and anti-ageing therapies, personalised nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programmes are defined.


Choose Palazzo Fiuggi, a reference point for remise en forme in Italy.

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