Your weight loss vacation in Fiuggi

Your weight loss vacation in Fiuggi

Palazzo Fiuggi is the perfect location for a slimming holiday. The 5-star hotel, located in one of the most iconic areas of Lazio, provides guests with ad hoc services, teams and cutting-edge programmes.

The central point of the entire programme, which will allow you to lose weight on holiday, is the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line, devised by Heinz Beck (a 3-star Michelin chef and also an honorary degree in natural bioenergy and naturopathy) in collaboration with Dr Davide Della Morte Canosci (a specialist in genetics and senescence).

The Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line is not an ordinary diet, but a supportive regime that combines a balanced intake of calories with a targeted exercise programme.

It is complemented by combined and personalised supplementation with nutrients that have the task of activating molecules that stimulate cell rejuvenation and strengthen the immune system.

Before you even start your weight loss holiday, the deepest genetic components of the body are assessed and our team studies how the body reacts to the external environment.

Subsequently, absolutely personalised interventions and activities are prescribed, without ever resorting to standard or predefined programmes.


Lazio, perfect for a slimming vacation


The Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line is unique and innovative, reducing fat without affecting muscle mass.

It is based on harnessing the power of key nutrients and micro-nutrients.

Thanks to chef Heinz Beck’s cooking techniques and the use of organic, seasonal and biodynamic ingredients, delicious meals are created that allow you to lose weight safely while eliminating the feeling of hunger.

All this is complemented by the unique properties of Fiuggi water and detox hydrotherapy sessions, wellness treatments and light motor activity.


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