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The benefits of hiking are highlighted and measured scientifically in Palazzo Fiuggi’s dedicated program ‘Hiking for Longevity. Recent international research has solidified key principles that focus on enhancing longevity: establishing a connection with oneself and the world, engaging in outdoor exercise, and embracing mindfulness. The initial medical assessment evaluates the overall starting condition, while the final visit assesses the benefits achieved. The hiking paths are thoughtfully designed to immerse participants in the captivating panorama of the Apennines, enhancing the mindful hiking experience.
Renowned three-Michelin-star chef, Heinz Beck, has partnered with Palazzo Fiuggi’s Scientific Medical Team to curate a Mediterranean-inspired food line, delivering a fusion of distinguished taste and health benefits. Integral to the program are Fiuggi’s water benefits and various medical treatments, creating a balanced, rejuvenating week.This program provides a perfect chance to reestablish a connection with oneself, addressing personal needs, and unlocking untapped potential.



  • Reactivation of metabolism and muscle transformation
  • Reduction of toxins in the body
  • Analysis and improvement of physical well-being supported by the medical team and HPM biomechanical evaluation
  • Targeted dietary plan for muscle development and reduction of inflammation levels
  • Promotion of a lifestyle centered on mindfulness and human connection


6 Nights


€4.120 - Inclusive the Medical /Spa program, breakfast, lunch, dinner with personalized nutrition plan and Fiuggi Water. VAT included. The nights required accommodation at Palazzo Fiuggi is not included.

Program Content



6 Nights

First medical visit

Basic blood tests (at admission and at discharge)

Elettrocardiogram (ECG)+ Health check up

Bioimpedance (BIA) for the assessment of body composition (at admission and at discharge)


2 access to the Thalassotherapy pools

Daily personalized massage

Consultation and biomechanical evaluation of HPM (at admission and at discharge)


Heinz Beck food line: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Herbal infusions from the world's oldest pharmacy

Therapeutic Fiuggi water directly from the source




Post-hiking stretching

Movement experience session


Everyone’s experience at Palazzo Fiuggi will be different. We invite you to discover more about our wraparound service that includes advice on how to prepare for your visit and make the most of your stay, as well as details of our post-residence concierge service.


When your time at Palazzo Fiuggi is at an end, we implement a thorough follow-up program to support you as you return to normal life. Before you leave us, we’ll conduct a final medical examination to evaluate progress against the objectives and metrics we established at your first assessment and to fine-tune your onward plan. Later, we’ll connect via a digital telemedicine platform to help you maintain your regimen and keep your goals firmly in sight.