Discover more about our protocols for your stay: your preparation; hammam welcome ritual; medical examinations; personalized food lines; and our post-residence concierge service.

Optimal Weight

A few simple, pleasurable changes to your diet and lifestyle choices is all it takes to completely, and permanently, transform your body. The Palazzo Fiuggi Optimal Health program helps you adopt healthy new routines, while releasing old, unhelpful habits.

The program isn’t solely focused on the goal of weight loss. Instead, we target the ideal body size and shape that allows you to be the best version of yourself. We recommend the small changes in your daily routines that will make the biggest differences to your overall mental and physical wellbeing. The program includes advanced detoxifying hydrotherapy sessions, detoxifying cryotherapy, slimming treatments, massage, movement and long-term weight-management strategies.


  • Immediate tangible weight loss
  • Long term weight loss assistance


  • Stimulate a sustainable Weight Management
  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes
  • Implement an Active Lifestyle
  • Creating Awareness of Dietary Habits and Weight Complications
  • Provides knowledge and understanding for a continued healthier lifestyle



  • Two (2) Medical Check-ups – a full check-up on arrival with two follow-ups, including: ECG, abdominal and carotid ultrasounds, and laboratory vital parameters
  • Two (2) Laboratory Full Blood Analysis tests, including Inflammatory test. The first on arrival, the second on departure. This will help determine improvements over the week and set your direction for a better life style
  • One (1) Naturepath Consultation – giving you all the right tools for your specific health & nutrition goals
  • One (1) Intravenous Active Supplementation
  • (Daily) Personalised Menu with every meal
  • One (1) Nutritional Consultation
  • One (1) Metabolism Evaluation Rate (Dynomics) test
  • One (1) Fiuggi Healing Thermal Water Medical Therapy
  • One (1) Nilas Assessment
  • Three (3) Daily Medical Body Checks, including nutritional advice
  • Two (2) Bio-Impedancemetry (Styko)
  • One (1) Medical Aesthetics consultation
  • Six (6) Personalised Infusions from the oldest pharmacy in the world


  • One (1) Cryo Therapy session
  • One (1) MLXiDome treatment
  • One (1) Celise Slimming treatment


  • One (1) Hammam Welcome Cleansing Ritual
  • Two (2) 3-Step Hydro Cure activated by Fiuggi water
  • One (1) Thalasso Therapy session
  • Access to the Roman spa and swimming pools
  • Two (2) Lymphatic Drainage sessions


  • One (1) Quartz Vibra Sound Healing treatment
  • One (1) Psammo Therapy session
  • One (1) Sport Vitality Massage treatment


  • (Daily) Yoga, Sound Healing and Meditation small group sessions
  • One (1) bespoke Personal Training session

All Fiuggi programs are based on medical evidence and are tailored by our doctors and experts to fit guest’s unique treatment profiles and objectives


7 to 14 Day Program


€ 5.050 pp.

Inclusive the 7 days duration Medical /Spa program, breakfast, lunch, dinner with personalized nutrition plan and Fiuggi Water. VAT included. The 7 nights required accommodation at Palazzo Fiuggi is not included.


Everyone’s experience at Palazzo Fiuggi will be different. We invite you to discover more about our wraparound service that includes advice on how to prepare for your visit and make the most of your stay, as well as details of our post-residence concierge service.


When your time at Palazzo Fiuggi is at an end, we implement a thorough follow-up program to support you as you return to normal life. Before you leave us, we’ll conduct a final medical examination to evaluate progress against the objectives and metrics we established at your first assessment and to fine-tune your onward plan. Later, we’ll connect via a digital telemedicine platform to help you maintain your regimen and keep your goals firmly in sight.