Food as Medicine

Developed by senescence and genetics specialist Prof. David Della Morte Canosci, in collaboration with our resident three-star Michelin chef Heinz Beck, who boasts an honorary degree in Natural Bio-Energies and Naturopathy, the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line is no ordinary diet. Food Line offers guests a supportive regimen, combining a balanced calorie intake with a targeted movement program and incorporating a personalized combination of nutrients to activate the molecular pathways that stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

Your Personal Menu

One of the key elements for a better and longer life is effective nutrition, supported by regular motor activity and a healthy lifestyle. Where a guest’s primary objective is to detoxify and establish a stable and healthy weight, a panel of epigenetic tests forms part of our initial diagnosis. We go beyond simple nutritional and biochemical evaluation, analyzing the deepest genetic components, understanding the body’s interaction with the external environment and prescribing the interventions and activities essential to maintaining long-term wellbeing.

A diet for life

By creating the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line, Chef Heinz Beck and Prof. David Della Morte Canosci have introduced a new and completely unique diet concept that successfully targets fat reduction without adversely impacting muscle mass. Food Line doesn’t demand guests follow a punitive regimen. Instead, it harnesses the power of essential nutrients and micro-nutrients to create delicious meals that achieve safe weight loss, without the usual feelings of hunger. Chef Beck’s finely honed cooking techniques and use of beneficial aromatic herbs assure a mouth-watering menu.

Cleansed With Fiuggi Water

Naturally, Fiuggi water plays a fundamental part in the journey towards optimal health and wellness. The spring’s unique mineral composition helps purify the toxins that create oxidative stress and inflammation in our immune system that cause premature aging. Its detoxifying power helps to restore balance and support the endogenous defense mechanism that is so crucial to our long-term wellbeing.

Organic & Biodynamic Ingredients

Even the most carefully planned and meticulously calibrated meals depend on the purity, nutritional quality and seasonality of their individual ingredients. Palazzo Fiuggi is serendipitously located amid fertile countryside with excellent access to the area’s very best organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables. Some ingredients are grown here in the Palazzo’s own vegetable garden, while others are painstakingly selected from the region’s most outstanding producers, favoring and supporting the concept of eco-sustainability and circular economy.


Discover more about our protocols for your stay: your preparation; hammam welcome ritual; medical examinations; personalized food lines; and our post-residence concierge service.