The fountain of life

Palazzo Fiuggi owes its success to the unique properties of its water whose source lies in the region’s natural springs. Celebrated for its healing powers for over 600 years, Fiuggi water – ‘the water of wellbeing’ – is at the heart of Palazzo Fiuggi’s many wellness programs which are dedicated to wellness and 360-degree ‘remise en forme’.


Throughout Fiuggi’s history, everything has been connected to this miraculous water, originally renowned for the diuretic properties that possess the ability to ‘break stone’, and which was reputed to have cured the ailments of Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo.


Our water contains unique macromolecules belonging to the humid acids group that can lower the density of the stones, allowing them to break up and dissolve. The natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties can also boost the immune response, even affecting the structure of tumors and stimulating their necrosis.


Many of the programs at Palazzo Fiuggi incorporate Fiuggi’s therapeutic spring water – it’s been shown to have a beneficial effect on a variety of ailments and chronic conditions including urinary tract problems, cystitis, pyelonephritis, metabolic disorders, gout and arthritis. It also complements our weight-loss, exercise and body balance programs.


In fact, Purify is one of the spa’s essential elements. Not only is the water used as a detoxifier at the start of every program but it can also be found in our Thalasso pools. The palazzo’s meticulous restoration celebrates Fiuggi’s water, in the splendour of its immaculate spa facilities and in the sybaritic indulgence of its indoor and outdoor swimming pools and Roman Therme.


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