Palazzo Fiuggi is the home of wellness for body, mind and soul. Fusing ancient holistic disciplines with the keystones of traditional Western medicines, our exclusive medical-scientific therapies promote greater well-being, health and longevity. Beginning with a targeted evaluation and diagnostic consultancy, our team of scientists, doctors and gurus will create a customized pathway designed to deliver tangible results. A carefully calibrated follow-up protocol will help you maintain your objectives in the long term.

Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat is authorised to operate the as a Polyclinic Department by the region of Lazio N. G07017 of 05/31/2022


The Fountain Of Life

Fiuggi’s natural springs, celebrated for their purifying and healing powers, have drawn pilgrims to the region for hundreds of years. Here, the water of wellbeing flows like a translucent thread through the medical spa’s exclusive treatment program, dedicated to wellness and 360-degree ‘remise en forme’. The building provides an elegant and historical backdrop to the therapies. Dating back to 1913, Palazzo Fiuggi exudes the sinuous Art Nouveau – or Liberty – architectural style that flourished in the region at the beginning of the twentieth century.

A Longer Life Better Lived

Like a tree, human health depends on a strong root system for a long and healthy life. Without this secure foundation, problems may arise with age, resulting in chronic conditions. Palazzo Fiuggi’s unique programs draw from our key therapy foundation stones: Purify, Nourish, Energize and Connect. Our proven wellness and medical programs, together with Fiuggi’s restorative waters, will replenish and rebalance your mind, body and soul, for a longer life, better lived.

Food as medicine

At Palazzo Fiuggi, we understand the power of nutrition to promote wellness. It’s why we created a special nutrition and exercise program for our guests: the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line. Developed by our in-house experts, our program is individually tailored to each guest, featuring a personalized combination of healthful nutrients. Sustainable organic and biodynamic ingredients are selected from the region’s renowned ‘terroir’, as well as from the vegetable garden inside the Palazzo’s park.


Every regeneration starts with the detoxification of mind, body and soul.


Fill yourself to the brim with healthy foods, activities and thought patterns.


Feel your strength grow from the inside and out as your body thrives.


Reconnect with yourself, with others and with the earth beneath your feet.


Everyone’s experience at Palazzo Fiuggi will be different. We invite you to discover more about our wraparound service that includes advice on how to prepare for your visit and make the most of your stay, as well as details of our post-residence concierge service.


Discover more about our protocols for your stay: your preparation; hammam welcome ritual; medical examinations; personalized food lines; and our post-residence concierge service.