Extensive spa and fitness facilities

The spa uses the renowned Fiuggi waters to transformational effect. The larger rooms – including the gymnasium and yoga studios – have picture windows overlooking the gardens and allowing the sunlight to flood in. Spread across 6000 sqm, the medical spa is finished with precious elemental materials such as stone and marble. At the heart of the wellness center are the thalassotherapy baths with sea minerals and a spa suite that includes whirlpool, sauna and Turkish baths.

Spa Facilities

3 Swimming Pools

Palazzo Fiuggi’s main swimming pool dates back to 1936. At that time, the building was the first in Europe to have an outdoor pool, surrounded by a relaxation area in the shade of its centuries-old sequoia. The indoor pool connects via a panoramic tunnel to an outdoor heated pool with a view of the ancient city of Fiuggi, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty, scents and colors of the season.

Thalasso Pool

The Palazzo’s three thalassotherapy pools incorporate healing Fiuggi water and include therapeutic minerals, delivering detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The salt-rich waters create additional buoyancy which promotes natural joint and muscle relaxation. The sea oil is particularly suitable for the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis.

Yoga & Pilates Room

Palazzo Fiuggi has masters specializing in many types of yoga. Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga with Pilates-inspired moves and incorporates a yoga swing for freer movement. Hatha yoga encompasses traditional yoga styles, including Vinyasa and Ashtanga, focusing on the pairing of poses (asanas) with breathing techniques or (pranayama) to achieve mind and body harmony. Yoga Nidra applies meditation and conscious relaxation practices to induce total physical, mental, and emotional rest.

The Spa Suite

Enjoy an indulgent couples spa experience in our luxurious spa suite. Soothe the stress away in the Sauna, Turkish Steam Room, Jacuzzi and chronotherapy shower before our therapists complete your experience with an exclusive treatment for two. The cozy relaxation area will invite you to linger a while after your spa session.


A new generation of detox treatments combining Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology, which stimulates metabolism and detoxification, with Plasma Light Therapy (PLT) for visible rejuvenation of the skin after the first use.

Terapia Psammo

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, this therapy is carried out via a specially equipped bed that supports the body, allowing the dry heat of natural quartz sand to relieve muscle and joint pain, inducing a state of total relaxation.

Fir Detox

The new generation of detox treatments combine Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology with Plasma and Light Therapy (PLT) to stimulate the metabolism and detoxify the body, promoting visible rejuvenation of the skin after the first use.

Salt Pool & Dead Sea Mud Mineral Bathing Cure

This signature ritual commences with salt pool bathing in Palazzo Fiuggi waters, followed by a pure dead sea mineral mud body wrap. Experience the invigorating effects of a powerful Scotch Shower followed by hydrotherapy bathing which is the final phase of this four-step water cure. Designed to ease inflammation of the joints, reduce inflammatory arthritis, remineralize the skin and body while soothing and reassuring the senses.

Quartz Vibra Sound Healing

The healing powers of the vibrations emitted by natural quartz can be used to treat stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and sleep disorders. It’s an effective way to not only reach a state of total relaxation, but also to achieve a perfect balance of the body.

Vibra Sound Healing

Vibrahealing® is an integrative treatment that uses the vibrations of the bell, combined with therapeutic music such as binaural and monaural frequencies, guided meditation and chromotherapy to transform the body, the flow of energy and the mental state.


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