The Latest Medical Facilities

The Palazzo Fiuggi clinic combines medical and spa therapies to diagnose, prescribe and implement treatments and procedures that are personailzed to each guest’s needs. Our team of specialists will use their expertise to tailor programs to transform health and wellbeing in the long term.



Palazzo Fiuggi’s lead doctor, Prof. David Della Morte Canosci, is a specialist in the field of senescence, metabolic, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. His research on the pathological pathways linking metabolic and cognitive diseases with the aging process is ground breaking.

Imedos Microvascular Communication

Based on the method of static or dynamic vessel analysis, Imedos technology offers a unique and non-invasive (optical) approach to the microcirculation of patients. Thanks to this outstanding technology, changes in the retinal vessels, their function and regulation can be made visible, analysed and observed.


By measuring biorhythms steered by the autonomous and central nervous systems (the heart rate variability (HRV)) though NILAS device available at Palazzo Fiuggi, which is closely linked with the brain, immune, digestive, and endocrine systems, and which then provides accurate information of these vital functions, it will be possible to have a global indication of the individual health situation.


Discover more about our protocols for your stay: your preparation; hammam welcome ritual; medical examinations; personalized food lines; and our post-residence concierge service.