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01. Why is the Fiuggi Water so famous? Is there evidence of what it can provide in terms of health benefits?

The water of Fiuggi is a unique oligomineral water with specific mixture of minerals which makes it perfect for patients suffering from deposition of calcium stones and inflammation of the urinary tract. However, the physic-chemical properties of the water of Fiuggi make it beneficial to many other clinical chronic conditions since its compounds can remove heavy metals and free radicals from the organism allowing a whole detoxification. The healing properties of Fiuggi Water have been renowned since the ancient times.

02. Will the medical professionals be available at all times?

Yes, at the Palazzo Fiuggi we guarantee the constant presence of a Medical Team. You will have regular checks by our Doctors during the stay as well as blood checks upon arrival and departure to measure the effect of our treatments.

03. Is it possible to get in touch with your main Doctor to check if my pathology can benefit from a week medical program with you?

Yes, our Reservation Team is happy to receive a mail from you with more information about your Health and needs so that Prof. David Della Morte Canosci can better consider the right therapies and treatments during your stay.

04. I am considering to run a 2 weeks program but I am afraid that the second week would just be a repetition of the first one …

We actually believe that spending 2 weeks at Palazzo Fiuggi is the best gift you could ever do to yourself ! As all the treatments are highly personalised, and our Doctors and Spa Team really want guests to have the best results during their stay, we assure you that the 2 weeks at Palazzo Fiuggi will not be boring or a repetition. All our Team of experts will assure a new variety of treatments totally aimed at tremendous results both in term of physical and psychological wellbeing.

05. Is food provided other than what each programme includes?

A food line has been created for each guest, for each meal, for each program by our 3 stars Michelin chef Heinz Beck in cooperation with Prof. David Della Morte Canosci. No alternative menu is available at Palazzo Fiuggi.

06. Is alcohol available in the hotel? Is coffee available in the hotel?

As per our concept neither alcohol or Coffee are available at Palazzo Fiuggi.

07. Can I come and stay at Palazzo Fiuggi without attending a medical / wellness program?

This case can happen when travelling as a couple. All our Guests are keen on getting fit and healthier so the main reason to stay at Palazzo Fiuggi is to follow a program. Each accompanying guest is offered a reduced program so as to still be able to enjoy Palazzo Fiuggi and its special treatments.

08. Will I be able to enjoy some free time during my week at Palazzo Fiuggi?

Yes, our Spa Team will build your programm in order for you to keep a bit of free time to discover Fiuggi and its neighbourhood; we can arrange you a guided visit of Ciociaria villages as Fumone and the most famous Abbeys of Subiaco, Trisulti, and Casamari, Tours of local Cesanese del Piglio vineyards, or visit of the Natural Caves of Collepardo. f course Rome is only 1 hour away so it is very easy to reach the Eternal City.

Should you prefer to dedicate your free time to some relaxing activities, at the Palazzo Fiuggi the following group activities are available:

SOUND HEALING, 45min Since ancient time, sound and vibration rituals were used to trigger the natural healing process of the body, mind and spirit. The rhythmic frequencies produced by a plethora of ancient and modern instruments, allow you to dive into a bath of sound stimulation and vibration. The sound waves interact both with the water in your body, with your DNA & with your chakra system inducing your body to feel, heal, relax & release. 

MEDITATION, 45min Meditation is a simple practice available to all, which can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness. Learning how to meditate is straightforward, and the benefits can come quickly. By holding onto a mental vision, emotions associated course through the entire body, leaving guests destressed and relaxed.

AERAL YOGA, 45min - Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga which uses a hammock or yoga swing that allows postures that are harder to do on a yoga mat. It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by Pilates, dance and acrobatics.

HATHA YOGA, 45min - Hatha yoga is the overarching umbrella of yoga that encompasses most of the traditional styles, including Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Directly translated to “wilful” or “forceful” in Sanskrit, Hatha yoga is the fundamental system of yoga that focuses on the pairing of poses or “asanas” with breathing techniques or “pranayama.” Hatha yoga uses the practice of the poses to rinse out the body and build the physical strength and endurance required to spend long periods of time in meditation. Once the Hatha yoga practice is complete, the ideal mind body harmony has been created to facilitate deep, relaxing meditation.

NIDRA YOGA, 45min - Yoga Nidra—known as yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. One hour of yoga nidra can be as restorative as four hours of regular sleep. Yoga nidra is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions

THAI CHI, 45min - Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Tai Chi’s various style may subtly emphasize various Tai Chi principles and methods. Some styles may focus on health maintenance, while others focus on the martial arts aspect of Tai Chi.

QI GONG, 45min - Qigong is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. Qigong focuses on repetitive movements and attention to breathing. This allows the mind to let go of intrusive thoughts, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. Qigong practice can lead to better health and vitality and a more tranquil state of mind.

NORDIC WALKING, 45min - Nordic walking combines cardiovascular exercise with a vigorous walk.

09. Could I come and stay with my Children?

Children over 14 are welcome to Palazzo Fiuggi, but in the Spa area they must be always accompanied by an adult.

10. What is typical day at Palazzo Fiuggi likely to look like for a client staying on a program?

It depends on the programme chosen but for sure healthy food, healthy activity, relaxation, and body & mind balance.

11. How many hours a day is a client expected to be following the program chosen?

It depends on the program chosen. Minimum 6 hours per day.

12. Will I be able to smoke anywhere in the hotel?

We strongly suggest not to smoke on Palazzo Fiuggi premises.

13. What is the professional background of the management team at the hotel in terms of experience in the field of medical wellness?

The whole management team is very professional with an international background and attentive to the needs of the guests.

14. Is there any evening entertainment at Palazzo Fiuggi?

Our Guests can enjoy our cinema, piano player at night, cosmos reader lectures, after dinner yoga, and the billiard room.

15. Could I rent or have a car just to discover the Fiuggi area for some hours?

Yes, we are able to assist you with Rent a Car or just having a house car for a couple of hours during your stay at Palazzo Fiuggi. Even better we suggest you to book our private chauffeur and car to stroll around with no worries!

16. Could I take my little dog with me to enjoy the Palazzo Fiuggi?

We are sorry but our hygiene rules do not allow pets on property.

17. Could I enjoy the room service available at night?

Yes, in accordance with the food line program and rules selected for you by our Doctor. In fact is is very important not only to eat what has been prescribed but also to respect the right times between meals / food consumption.

18. Could I book and Hair dresser at the Palazzo Fiuggi?

Yes, our very own professional Hairdresser is available in the Beauty area of our Spa. We suggest to reserve with 24 hours notice.

19. Is the valet parking guaranteed?



Discover more about our protocols for your stay: your preparation; hammam welcome ritual; medical examinations; personalized food lines; and our post-residence concierge service.